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Whether you’re developing a new home, remodeling or simply need to get a new roof in North York due to wear, Pro Roofing is the company you can count on. We are proud of our workmanship and specialize in installing high-quality North York roofs. Let us work together with you to evaluate your current roof or architectural plans and help you design a roof that is aesthetically pleasing and offers a long lasting protection.

How can we help you?

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement North YorkPremium roof replacement service at an affordable price. Get your free estimate today or learn about our process. more...

Roof Repair

Roof Repair inspection North YorkRepair a leaking roof fast. 24 / 7 emergency service. more...

Selecting Shingles

There is a wide variety of modern and elegant shingle styles, suited to any property. We will offer you classical and exclusive designs - you’re sure to find something you love. Whatever your requirements we can develop the ideal outdoor statement for your home.

Organic and fiberglass shingles are budget friendly and reliable roofing material. They are the most popular roofing material used in Canada, thanks to their low cost, strength, and architectural appeal. There are more than 40 distinct colors to select from, in addition to a wide variety of architectural shapes.

Reroofing Quote North York

We will send a skilled North York roofing contractor to write up a detailed roof replacement estimate for your house based on the sq. footage, pitch, flashings, together with your choice of shingles. You can also choose a wide variety of shingle colors and shapes.

  • Pro Roofing North York roof installations are backed up by a warranty
  • Keep on top of things by informing you about start and delivery dates.
  • We will arrive to the worksite on time as planned.
  • Get a premium grade North York roof replacement which will protect your house summer, fall, winter and spring.
  • The estimate is the actual cost. No hidden costs will ever arise during or after the installation.
  • Security realizing that our workers will handle themselves in a professional manner, taking care of your residence as if it was our own.

You and your loved ones can be proud of our seasoned installer's hard work to ensure professional, outstanding quality North York re roofing. Although no magic remedy exists for selecting a North York roofing company, we hope we have provided you with helpful advice in assisting you to make the hard and important decision of finding the right North York roofer. Learn more about roof shingles and our approach to roofing installations.

For Complete Peace of Mind, Fill Our Free Estimate Request or Give a call today!

For Complete Peace of Mind, Fill Our Free Estimate Request or Give a call today!