Pro Roofing in Toronto GTA, Ontario

Who we are?

We are PRO roofing and are glad to present services of our company. An experienced specialists, individual approach, competitive prices and high level of services, quality and warranty – all this is our company. Years of experience in repairing old roofs and manufacture new ones help us to provide the best roofing! We are narrowly specialized and highly qualified company and that allows us to make work of high quality and provide a guarantee on the performed work for the long term.

Our services

Without any doubt, everyone understands that the roof is significant part of the building. Even if it was installed very carefully, after a while the roof need to be repaired. Repairs of the roof at a reasonable price - it is our main field of activity. In planning, organization and realization of repair work, our specialists are guided by individual wishes and facilities of client. Most often the owners of houses and cottages faced with the need to repair the roof (outer covering), but the other roof elements are in good condition. But sometimes is necessary repair of the entire roof: roof system, drainage system, replacement of covering. Our services include a list of the various works. Subject to the type and complexity of work, roof repair can be divided into capital, current and partial. Major repairs to the roof include removal of the old roofing, or even the pie of the roof. Due to the level of damage, repair can make a partial or complete replacement of the roof covering. In addition, repairs may include an installation of hydro and thermal insulation.

Our company is really one of the best in roof repair and replacement of roof. Our big plus is strict adherence and control of execution the works due to building codes. Roof repair carried out by very qualified personnel. For such works as roof repair, new roof installation, repair of soft roof, roof installation, are used only quality and optimally matched to each individual object materials. Our specialists are experts in all services related to roof repair.

Our service focused on a partial renewal and repair of the roof, removal of old roof and the new styling, planning and construction works. No matter how beautiful, reliable, and sturdy roof looks, repair of this element of building is inevitable. Every home owner sooner or later will face with this necessity. If you have your own house or cottage, then you must know that a high quality roof repairs carried out by our experts. Undoubtedly, you will be satisfied with our work.

Benefits of cooperation with us

Team of roofers must not only perform installation, but also know the novelties of the market, the subtleties of laying different materials, have a clear understanding on the creation of the roof. It is so, because the roofer isn’t just a builder, he is a really nice expert in field of his work, to which you need trust one of the most complex constructions of the building - the roof. We employ just such experts and professionals in their field!

We provide a complete catalog of services for the arrangement of the roof and facades:

  • help to correctly pick the desired type of material for you;
  • pro-style scene of any complexity in the shortest time;
  • we provide regular service and warranty service;
  • staying within the budget of client.

Working with leading brands in the construction market, we offer only the highest quality materials to avoid additional costs for further exploitation. We have all the necessary certificates, licenses and permits for the construction works.

After our work you will have:

  • qualitative roof over your head;
  • professionalism, responsibility and experience of our team;
  • individual approach, attention to customer needs and budget;
  • proven and reliable materials;
  • brief as possible timelines;
  • warranty and reliable service.

We appreciate every our client and do our best to ensure effective and enjoyable cooperation for both sides!

Pro Roofing in Ontario is a registered firm which has been serving the Greater Toronto area's residential roofing needs for many years. The key to our success as a roofing contractor has been a policy of treating your house as though it were our own from the commencement of the project to its completion. We understand the meaning of consumer service and our main focus is to be certain that our buyers are happy with our work and understand our commitment to professionalism.