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Whether you are making a completely new house, renovating or just need a roof due to age, Pro Roofing is the company you can rely on. We're proud of our workmanship and specialize in installing quality Scarborough roofs. Let us work with you to examine your current roofing or architectural plans and help you design a roof that is visually appealing and provides a long lasting protection.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement ScarboroughPremium roof replacement service at an affordable price. Get your free estimate today or learn about our process. more...

Roof Repair

Roof Repair inspection ScarboroughRepair a leaking roof fast. 24 / 7 emergency service. more...

There is a wide variety of innovative and classy shingle designs, suited to any home. We offer classical and exclusive designs - you are sure to discover something you love. Whatever your specifications we can install the ideal exterior statement for your home.

Asphalt shingles are extremely robust and are very affordable. They are the most popular choice of home roofing material in Canada due to good number of reasons: asphalt shingles are offered in over 50 colors, are very durable, offer fire resistance, and can easily be repaired and maintained over time.

We will send an experienced Scarborough roofing contractor to write up a descriptive roof replacement estimate for your property based on the sq footage, slope, flashings, together with your choice of shingles. You can also pick a variety of shingle colors and shapes.

Check out our approach to roofing, or give us a call today to speak concerning your roofing

Check out our approach to roofing, or give us a call today to speak concerning your roofing

Scarborough Roofing Installation

  • Preparation of the worksite for new Scarborough roof installation.
  • Removal of aged shingles from the roof.
  • Installation of felt paper, which provides increased protection.
  • Installation of snow guard protective layer that adds another level of protection from rain, and melting snow.
  • Installation of drip edges and roofing flashings to protect areas prone to leakages such as chimneys, roof vents and skylights.
  • Installation of new roofing shingles.
  • Clean your property from all the waste products that resulted from the installation.

You and your loved ones can be proud of our Scarborough roofers’ hard work who ensure professional, top quality installations. Though no magic formula exists for picking a Scarborough roofing company, we hope we have presented you with helpful information in assisting you to make the challenging and important decision of finding the best Scarborough roofer. Discover more about roof shingles and our approach to re-roofing installations or get a free Scarborough roof replacement quote.